Juan and David are steeped in the tradition of coffee. They grew up racing through the family’s coffee-producing hacienda in the legendary region of Piendamó, Colombia, under the watchful eye of their grandfather. This is the same grandfather who built the hacienda and planted the fields back in the mid-1960s in honor of his daughter, Myriam. The hacienda, Villa Myriam, yields some of the coffee for which Colombia is so well known. From a young age they were taught by their grandfather to hand pick and sort through the coffee berries, or “cherries” as they’re called, due to the berries’ red color. They helped remove the berry flesh and dry the bean inside. From there they continued to learn by doing, determining which beans work for which kind of coffee. Of course, that includes sorting the green coffee with honed senses: smell, touch, sight and taste inform the brothers how to handle each bean, while more technical skills are brought into play with the coffee’s roasting. To bring their roasting to a new level, David completed the Roasters Guild of America retreat in Oregon this month, where he trained with the best roasters in the world. Roasters from the US, China, Australia, Greece, Italy and elsewhere gathered to share best practices and elevate coffee to a new level.

During this retreat David competed with his team and landed third place, demonstrating some of the amazing skills that were instilled by his grandfather.

In order to create an outlet for their amazing coffee, the brothers’ new venture was born. The BREW is a coffee bar in the heart of downtown Albuquerque, at 311 Gold Avenue. The concept is very simple: Provide a great environment to share a great cup of coffee. Juan, a Barista Guild of America certified Level 1 Barista, works hard to ensure that perfect pulled shots of espresso are being enjoyed at The BREW. It is important for the brothers not only to have the perfect roasted bean, but to have a perfect extraction.

They marry their espresso shots with local dairy from Rasband farms and natural syrups made exclusively for them by Joliesse Chocolatiers, ensuring that every drink is made perfectly with only the best, local, natural, ingredients.

The BREW will open its patio this week, creating an urban oasis to enjoy any of their flavorful concoctions. There will be live music and an open space for artist to express their point of view. The entire patio has been painted by local artist Alnair Lara as a backdrop to our beautiful downtown Albuquerque. It will be the perfect setting to try their famous Nitro Coffee, or any of their Specialty Lattes. The BREW is also featuring burritos made fresh daily by Bocadillos, a locally owned restaurant that uses only fresh, local ingredients. The BREW also features art work from local artists and highspeed internet for all of their customers.