The production and roasting of coffee is a honed art, and mastering its techniques and strategy takes time, talent, and above all, tradition. The history of Villa Myriam is steeped in this tradition, coming from a humble beginning.

“In the mid-1960’s, my grandfather built a hacienda in the legendary region of Piendamó, Colombia. It was here that he planted his coffee fields and as a dedication to his daughter Myriam, named it Villa Myriam, which has since yielded some of the best coffee that Colombia is well known for.

During my time in Colombia, I spent my time playing in and racing through the fields of Villa Myriam, and from a young age began to learn the craft of coffee. My grandfather taught me how to pick and sort through coffee beans or “cherries”, as he called them, because of their red color. I learned to remove the flesh from inside the berry and then dry the inside of the bean. My grandfather, along with time and practice, taught me how to sort through different beans to determine which would be best for certain kinds of coffee using his refined senses of smell, sight, touch, and taste. Overtime his production skills grew to perfection and to align his roasting skills, I completed the Roasters Guild of America retreat in Oregon in 2018. Here, I trained with the best roasters in the world from the US, China, Australia, Greece, Italy and elsewhere, who all gathered to share their best learned practices and elevate coffee to a new level!”David

With deep rooted tradition and an innate sense of craftsmanship, David is steeped in the art of coffee and has built Villa Myriam Coffee to reflect his passion, love, and family history of it!